Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Weeks Post-Op

Paris is my constant companion on the sofa.

Today marks two weeks since my surgery and again, it feels like it's been longer. I pretty much accomplished the goals I set for myself a week ago:

  • Be able to put a sock on my right foot - I can do this about 8 times out of 10. I'll have this nailed by the 3 week mark, for sure.

  • Be able to get in and out of the tub without help from Doug - I barely managed to do this the last time I took a shower, I think it's still a little hit or miss. Again, by week 3 it'll be a no brainer.

  • Be better at crutching - I'm still on the walker most of the time, but it's gotten much, much easier for me to get up and down the stairs on the crutches.

  • Be less swollen - after 2 weeks (and continuing) of nearly constant icing, I am a lot less swollen. My left knee once again looks like a knee.

  • Ditch the Dilaudid - Check! I still have pain; I still know each and every time when I'm within 30 minutes of my next Tylenol dose; I almost broke down and took a Dilaudid this afternoon, but I didn't.
I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas. Next week I'll be looking forward to New Year's Eve and the following week I'll be looking forward the end of my house arrest. Again, I am thankful to have the time to recover.


Cass said...

I can't believe you're two weeks already! Probably didn't go by as quickly for you!
Anyway, congrats on the progress thus far.
Doesn't the Dilaudid make you itch like crazy?

TnT said...

Very cute picture!

Note that I am not sad and angry all the time ... just chronicling the stages I've gone through in this journey. There have been many emotions (and I'm not an emotional person!).

Like you, I have also felt relief, because the diagnosis explains so much of what I've experienced throughout my life.

Sounds like you are doing very well post PAO. Happy holidays!