Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Good or The Bad?

I've read and heard from several of my Hip Sisters who have had surgery on both of their hips that there is a good and a bad experience - one is definitely easier than the other. I've thought a lot about this and honestly can't say which is which - I think that they're just different. I guess if I had to pick, I would say that my right (first) hip was my Bad One. Here are the positives and negatives as I see it:

  • I had no idea what to expect. (-)
  • The pain wasn't as bad as I had imagined. (+)
  • The Vicodins made me nauseous and gave me nightmares, the anti-nausea patches gave me blurry vision. (-)
  • I was tired all the time, for months. (-)
  • I was out of the house the day after I came home. (+)
  • I pushed myself back to work too soon because I felt like I had to. (-)


  • I knew exactly what to expect. (+)
  • The pain really hasn't been bad. (+)
  • I have the time that I need to properly recover and don't have to push myself back to work for fear of losing my job. (+)
  • With a couple of pre-determined exceptions, I can't leave the house for a month. (-)
  • I'm not yet strong enough for crutches. A week and a half post surgery and I'm still using the walker about 90% of the time. (-)
  • I'm not on Vicodin and the Dilaudid didn't give me any bad side effects. (+)
  • Swelling on both legs just sucks. (-)
OK, so now that I've actually broken down for myself, I guess the first one was the bad one. I guess I can add one more thing to the LEFT HIP column:
  • I've already done the Bad One. (+)

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