Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Thrill is Gone

I'm sick of this:
  • I'm so over being on crutches.
  • I hate that I have to ask Doug for the most mundane things (a glass of water, a cup of tea, my hot water bottle, another blanket, something to eat, etc.) because I can't just pop up off of the sofa and get/do it for myself.
  • I'm done with bathing while sitting on a shower chair.
  • I hate that I'm paranoid of falling since I had the close call.
  • It snowed today so Doug had to escort me to and from French class - again.
  • I still can't sit like a normal person for more than an hour or so without pain.
  • I'm still uncomfortable each and every night and have trouble falling asleep as a result of my discomfort.
  • I can only sleep on my back.
  • My tailbone is killing me!
  • I still have TWELVE more days on crutches...


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