Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Four Weeks Post Op

Today marks four week since my surgery - in fact, at this very moment 28 days ago, I was knocked out and under the knife while Doug was hanging around waiting and waiting. I'm thankful that those 5.5 hours went by in a blink for me.

Not a lot has changed for me since last week but noteworthy is:
  • My pain levels are getting better all the time and I've even reached the point where I can skip a Tylenol dose every now and then without breaking.
  • It's gotten easier to sleep through the night - my pattern now is to sleep (like the dead) from about midnight until 6 AM, get up, pee, re-dose on Tylenol, and then sleep deeply for another 3+ hours.
  • I still need a big 'ol nap every afternoon and still snag a catnap (read 10-15 minutes) about twice a day.
  • I can sit upright for longer periods of time, but still need to be in the chaise lounge position for most of the day.

So, today is my 28th day - is that a month? Only if it's February... Thursday will be my 30th day and I'm deciding to call THAT a month and will venture out on that day. Big plans. Stay tuned...

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