Thursday, January 8, 2009

Close Call

Today is the big day: Day 30. The day that signals the end of my House Arrest.

To mark the occasion, Doug and I went into the city so that I could go to my first French class. For years I'd been daydreaming about taking a language class just for the fun of it, but I was working in The Job That Ate My Life and never found the time. Now that I'm on short-term disability and soon to be officially laid off, I figured why not? It turns out that my class is on the same block as the place where I did my physical therapy after the last surgery - tres commode!

We live in the 'burbs just north of NYC and use the commuter rail to get in and out of Manhattan. The southbound tracks are on far side and getting there involves taking an elevator (or stairs if you're not on crutches) up to an enclosed and heated pedestrian bridge and then taking another elevator down to the platform. So, we park in the lot (in a handicap space, thanks to the temporary gimp pass) with about 15 minutes before the train is scheduled to arrive. We hadn't eaten yet, so Doug went to the coffee shop to get bagels; I went on ahead and told him I'd meet him on the bridge. I take the elevator up, step out, and immediately my left crutch flies out from under me. THANK GOD, there were two quick acting guys who caught me inches before I would have slammed to the ground. If it were not for them, I have no doubt that I would have stayed down until the EMT's arrived to cart me off to the ER for X-rays. One of them stayed with me while the other went and found Doug, who got me back up. From there I slid on my good foot and crutched along the wall - we still managed to make it on to the train with time to spare. Those guys were truly angels. I'm thankful to have survived unscathed. The incident served as a very important reminder for me to be careful, careful, careful as I negotiate the outside world again.



Brick said...

Been there done that...amazing how we take walking for granted and how easy it is for a crutch to "slip out" and turn our world upside down. Take it easy and good luck.

German Shepard said...

Can't imagine how much your heart must have raced! I haven't even had surgery yet and the recent ice storm here in CT has made me scared of every step I take.