Friday, January 2, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I didn't update the blog yesterday because there really wasn't anything to report. Ditto for today actually but I figured I would anyway.

I spend my days on the living room sofa; evenings I'm in the TV room on that sofa. Occasionally I'll sit in a chair in the kitchen and keep Doug company while he's cooking, but for the most part my waking hours are, you guessed it, on a sofa.

I sleep about 10 hours each night but still need a solid nap every afternoon plus catnaps here and there. I know my body is just taking the time that it needs to heal itself.

Sometimes I think it's too bad that I'm not lazing about on a chaise lounge under a palm tree on a beach in Mexico (I'm thinkin' Playa del Carmen) but then I think of how hard it would be to crutch through the sand to get there...

1 comment:

German Shepard said...

Don't think about crutching thru the sand - think about the hot cabana boys who would carry you, while your husband waits on you with tropical beverages and suntan lotion.